The Domestic Church–Our Own Family

Stewardship is the management of the resources that God has entrusted to us. It is only through God that we are blessed with such resources. It is the expectation that we will use these resources to enlarge and enrich His kingdom. To do so, we must start with the domestic church” – our own family. Setting examples and modeling faithful giving of time, talent, and treasure are essential in a Christ-centered lifestyle. Simply talking about generosity and giving of self are not good enough to engender a Christ-like mindset. It is in the doing that we learn about the power of God’s grace and love. It is in the imitation of Christ that we instruct our children about the power of God’s grace and love.

We are so blessed to have so many young families active in our parish. I smile from ear to ear as the sounds of the young children fill the sanctuary at Mass. Please remember that your parish is overjoyed by your dedication to the domestic church.” All are welcome to be part of any ministries within our parish. May the love of Christ fill your family with Joy.

God bless you,
Deacon John