Altar Servers

December Altar Server Schedule

December 1st-2nd  

Saturday 4:00PM- Bob Easton, Anna Pogacnik, Adam Pogacnik,Kirk Wells,

Sunday 8:30AM-  Hank Cigolle, Katie Cigolle, Jonathan Feigert, Ava Antenucci

Sunday 11:00AM- Aj, Tim, Sam, and Nate Writz

December 8th-9th

 Saturday 4:00pm-Bob Easton, Nick Villano, Madisyn Fisher, Paul Ambrosia

 Sunday 8:30am- Dominic Colella,Ryan Murray, Brayden Murray

 Sunday 11:00am- Thomas Pesa, Isabella Bancroft, Kyren Volk, Chris Conway

December 15th-16th

Saturday 4:00pm-Bob Easton, Madisyn Fisher, Anna Pogacnik, Adam Pogacnik

Sunday 8:30am Jim Fink, Nick Fink, Evan Hamady, Dave Marshall

Sunday 11:00am Hayden Lopez, Christopher Adaams-Olenik ,Fred, Jimmy, Annaleigh Behnke

December 22nd-23rd

Saturday 4:00pm-Bob Easton, Nick Villano, Kirk Wells, Luke Wack

Sunday 8:30am Hank Cigolle, Katie Cigolle, Jonathan Feigert, Ava Antenucci

Sunday 11:00am David Dull II, David Dull III, Mike, Aj Chaney, Landon Kettering

December 24-25

Monday 4:00pm   Brayden Murray, Nick Villano,Madisyn Fisher_______

Tuesday 12:00am Aj,Tim,Sam,and Nate Writz, Christopher Adaams-Olenik

Tuesday 10:00am Mike, Aj Chaney, Hank Cigolle, Katie Cigolle

December 29th-30th

Saturday 4:00pm Bob Easton, Steve Pontera,Anna Pogacnik, Adam Pogacnik

Sunday 8:30am Dominic Colella, Ryan Murray, Brayden Murray

Sunday 11:00am Tim Maiora, Kyren Volk, Thomas Pesa, Chris Conway

I would like to wish everyone a very Blessed Christmas. Please try and remember why we celebrate this season. The greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ. I would like to thank everyone for all you do to make this Ministry a success. Please try and make it 20 minutes before Mass to help prepare for Mass.

Thank you, and God Bless

Bill Bone