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Positive role models of love and acceptance.

Over the past several months, we have had the pleasure of reading beautiful witnesses from the young adults of our parish. They expressed their faith in such a profound way. We heard from high school students who live their catholic faith and its values in the schools. We heard from some of our most recent college graduates who carry their faith with them into their new careers. We have heard from an engaged couple who expressed their values of stewardship as they look forward to their new life together. We have heard from a young man who loves, respects, and learns about his faith from his grandfather, and we read the beautiful witness of an expecting mother who related motherhood to stewardship in a loving way.

In some beautiful and holy way, each of us has been a part of these young ladies’ and gentlemen’s lives. Perhaps we were their teachers at P.S.R. or a sponsor for Confirmation, or their adult leader at Celebrate. Many times, we leave an impression in the most subtle way of a smile, handshake, or a positive affirmation. I would like to thank all the good people of our parish for being such a positive role model of love and acceptance to the young people of our parish as they journey from childhood to adulthood.

Deacon John

Our purpose is to serve others as our Lord has served us.

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Yoder and I am a parishioner here at St. Patrick’s church. I attend church each week with my grandfather, Patrick Yoder. We have been going to church together and grabbed breakfast directly after each Sunday since I was preparing to make my confirmation in 8th grade. We have been going each week for about 8 years now. When I was asked to write this column, we both knew what we wanted to talk about.

Since we started going to church together, we have been able to foster a close relationship with God and with each other. We wanted to stress the importance of being a part of this community and what lessons we have learned over the years. First, we have learned the necessity of making God a priority in life. I have been blessed that I have been able to grow up in the church by going with my grandfather. Without God, we would not have grown so close to each other and to those around us. Unselfish giving is directly related to this. Maintaining a relationship with God allows us to become closer and to serve our fellow man. We have been able to maintain close relationships with those we’ve met at church, and we have seen how important it is to keep a close relationship with God throughout our lives because it gives us our purpose to serve others as our Lord has served us. We have also been called to bring our family together to church as best as we can.

Lastly, we wanted to mention how grateful we are to God that we have been able to grow closer together. It has given us a new perspective on life and has especially made me very grateful for everything that God has given me in my life. I have connected and served my community and I must give all of my thanks to the St. Patrick’s community and to our Lord, God for allowing me to have such a great relationship with my grandfather and to allow us, together, to serve the Lord.

God bless,

Daniel Yoder

Stewardship thoughts from a first-time mother.

Hello, my name is Alexandra Turosik. I have been a member of St. Patrick’s Church for my entire life, receiving the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and most recently, the sacrament of Holy Matrimony in July of 2020. As I was growing up, my parents, Bill and Debbie Bancroft, did a really good job at making sure my sisters and I made it to church, and attended our CCD classes. As we got older, we would start volunteering at fish fries as well as the annual church festival. I also became a Eucharistic Minister, and I am an adult advisor for the Celebrate Ministry. Being able to serve people is a major way that we can practice our faith. This has shown me the importance of giving of yourself for the betterment of others.

My husband, Joe Turosik and I are preparing ourselves to become parents this September of 2022. We are beyond excited to expand our family and bring our little one into the church. I believe that Stewardship has prepared me for motherhood, as being a mother is one of the most giving things I will do throughout my life. I have watched my parents over the years give my sisters and I so much of themselves as they had the patience to teach us the important things about life, and most importantly, our faith. Becoming a mother will shift my priorities as I will be giving of myself faithfully, physically, emotionally, and mentally. However, this is the greatest gift that we can receive from God, and though it will be tough at times, I know that this is going to yield one of the greatest rewards.

God has truly blessed Joey and I, and we are so grateful to have been given the gift of faith so that we are able to pass it on to our child as well as future children. I know that this journey is going to be one that we write ourselves, and we pray that God will guide us through it. As a first-time mother, my body is already growing and changing to give life to another human being that is dependent on me, and will be for the entirety of its life. I am willing and ready to make that sacrifice, and no matter what is thrown at me I know God is with me through it. Stewardship has prepared me to be a mother, and it will continue to teach me how to be a better Catholic through giving for the rest of my life.

God Bless,
Alexandra Turosik

I know that God never leaves my side in every step I take.

Hello, my name is  Marlee Granger. I am 22 years old and currently a student at Youngstown State University. I will be graduating this fall with a degree in Primary Education and Intervention Specialist. I find such joy in being able to plant the seed in young minds and to watch them grow is such a rewarding experience. I know that God has truly paved my way into this field and that I am meant to create my own paths for our future generations. I was blessed enough to get the opportunity to work at St. Joseph’s the Provider alongside Father Mike, working with students who come from low socioeconomic homes and face many hardships that most people don’t. It was such an honor to work for my priest and to see the light in each of the children I encountered. I feel as if God placed me there at the exact time I needed to be. And my students and experience at St. Joseph’s the Provider will be something I never forget.

I have been a member of St. Patrick’s Church for as long as I can remember. I was baptized, attended weekly CCD classes, received holy communion, and made my conformation in 8th grade. I was a part of the Celebrate Ministry both my junior and senior year and now have joined the team as an adult advisor. This ministry as well as the people involved have made my faith grow so strong and I now understand the great importance of serving others. I continue to strengthen my faith each and every day and I know that God never leaves my side in every step I take.

God Bless and Thank you,

Marlee Granger