This is our parish Remembrance Book found in the vestibule of the church. It has a page dedicated to each parishioner buried from St. Patrick Church from the past year, beginning November 1 to October 31.


Bread and Wine

If interested in dedicating the bread and wine in memory of your loved one, or for a special anniversary or occasion, please call Teri at the Parish House at 330-534-1928. The cost is $35.00.



Memorial Candles

Memorial Candles are available to celebrate a special occasion, anniversary, birthday or in memory of a deceased loved one.  If interested in a candle in memory of your loved one,  please call our Parish Office (Teri) at 330-534-1928. The different candles that are available are: the Blessed Mother Candle, St. Joseph Candle, Infant of Prague Candle, St. Patrick Candle, St. Anthony Candle, Pieta Candle and the Risen Christ Candle (not available during Lent). The cost is $10.00. Once you have set up a date, you can drop off the money at the Parish House or place an envelope in the collection basket to Teri’s attention.


Memorial Altar Flowers

Memorial Altar Flowers are available to purchase for $40.00. You can request flowers for a loved one’s special occasion such as: anniversary, birthday, or memory of a deceased friend or loved one. If interested, please call Teri at the Parish House 330-534-1928.



                                               Saint Patrick Parish Memorial Association

The Saint Patrick Memorial Association is a way of remembering our family and friends with a monthly weekend Mass. The date and time of the Mass is announced the week before in the church bulletin. All the names of loved ones enrolled in the Memorial Association are published in the bulletin the week of the Mass.  The stipend for the 12 monthly Masses for 1 year is $60.00

To schedule your loved one to be included in the Memorial Association, please call the parish office at 330-534-1928.