The Spirit of Gratitude

In November, as the holiday season fast approaches, we are filled with a deep sense of sentimentality and gratefulness for all our blessings. At the same time, we encounter many wonderful ways to give – to cheerfully share our own gifts – during this time of thanksgiving.

It’s with this spirit of gratitude that we can truly live out the stewardship way of life. This Thanksgiving there are plenty of ways to do this in a direct way. Is there a family member or friend you have not spoken to in a long time, or someone you know who is spending Thanksgiving alone? You can drop them an email, pick up the phone and call them, or even catch up with them virtually via zoom or facetime. Such connections at this time can be life changing!

This Thanksgiving, ask the Holy Spirit where he is calling you to serve and may the joy of the Thanksgiving season flow into our lives as good stewards, everyday and throughout the entire year.

Our parish family has so much to be thankful for, after all that we have been through over the past several years. The Light of Christ has permeated through the darkness, giving us hope and confidence in our future. May we continue to express our thanks to God by being the very best stewards that we can be.

Deacon John

Altar Servers Are Great Stewards

Being an altar server is a great way to introduce the stewardship of spirituality to your children. I can remember serving Mass as a young child. The Mass had just changed from Latin to English. Boy, was I ever thankful for that! We have high school and college students that have been altar servers since their grade school years as well as many adults who experience a great reward in this ministry.

I would like to invite all the parents of our school age children to encourage your child to become an altar server. It will be a great lesson of service that they will remember and carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Deacon Michael has taken on the role of training our new servers and we also have experienced servers who will mentor your child during the Mass. I hope and pray that our next training class will be full of our wonderful young stewards. Contact Deacon Michael, Annemarie Pesa, or myself for more information (330)534-1928 (parish office)
Thank you and God bless,
Deacon John

“Thank you God for giving our parish a future full of hope.” 

Last Sunday at our Parish School of Religion, Rodney Wells facilitated a class that our eighth-grade students, parents, and sponsors attended. The topic of the session was “Prayer in our Lives.” He did an excellent job in relating to our eighth-grade students the importance and power of prayer in our journey through life. Rodney is a former PSR student and has held his Catholic faith close to his heart into his adulthood. Rodney is a Mahoning County Sheriff and will soon enter in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

We are very blessed to have so many young adults in our parish who embrace their Catholic faith. The young adults have also become excellent stewards and give their time, talent, and treasure in the service of Jesus Christ and Mother Church.

I encourage everyone to take notice of the great blessing these young men and women are to our parish family. When I diaconate at Mass, I look out into the congregation and see many young people and young families and think, “Thank you God for giving our parish a future full of hope.”  Keep up the good work!

Deacon John

The Stewardship Way of Life For Students

The stewardship way of life is for everyone, even those who are young. The school year is well underway, and it is a great time to reflect on how a student is called to live out a life of stewardship.
• God has given you the gift of intellect and it should be used wisely. Be the best student you can be each and every day.
• The work you do in the class is your unique gift to God.
• Don’t waste the gift of time. Time is one of the greatest gifts that God gives to you.
• Be grateful for the chance to be in school. Many children around the world will never have this opportunity.
• Hold yourself accountable. Do not fall into the temptation of slacking off. Run hard to the finish line.
• Begin each school day with prayer. Allow God to walk with you through your day.
• Attend Mass weekly.
May the remainder of your school year be blessed and always keep God foremost in your life.
Love, Deacon John