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"Future Full of Hope" Parish Mission, November 15-18, 2020, 6:30 pm

"Future Full of Hope" Parish Mission theme song

Future  Full of Hope
By Vince Ambrosetti

I know well the plans I have in mind for you:
Plans for goodness, plans for peace and life.
From age to age, parent to child,
I give you a future, I give you a future,
I give you a future full of hope.

When you call Me, when you pray,
I will listen, I will hear you.
When you seek Me with your whole heart
You will find Me, I will change you.
Come and hear My voice listen with your heart.
You shall know My whisper, it is I who speak.

Build your houses, raise your dwellings,
Live in quiet peace within them.
Plant your orchards, build your vineyards,
Eat the fruit of all your labors.
Multiply your love, give your children hope.
Let them share the promise of the dreams you live in faith.


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Deacon John's Stewardship Blog

Deacon John writes “It is always inspiring to me to witness just how intergenerational the great stewards of our parish really are and how our shared love for Jesus Christ bridges all our age differences.” this week on his Stewardship Blog. 


We, the people of St. Patrick Parish in Hubbard, Ohio, are a Roman Catholic community united by our faith in God
and nourished through our celebration of the Eucharist and the Word. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, 
we strive to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our parish family and the world community.