Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion & Lector Schedules

Click on a schedule below to open a PDF that can be printed.

  • Anyone that is interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister or a Lector may contact Deacon Bob via email at bfriedman50@aol.com or send an email to Joyce Tringhese at carbonclerk829@gmail.com.
  • When you find that you will not be available to be scheduled to minister the Eucharist or read due to a vacation or other upcoming plans, you may send a message to carbonclerk829@gmail.com or text to 330.718.0154.
  • The new scheduling layout should help explain the positions for those scheduled to minister the Eucharist.
  • Those scheduled on Blessed Mary’s side should go to the altar from the left stairs and stand on the left and those scheduled on St. Joseph’s side should use the stairs on the right and stand on that side.
  • If you choose to receive the wine, please take a small step forward once the wine is being offered.
  • With the choir chairs in place, it will be necessary for the host and wine ministers to stand closer to the regular seating instead of by the piano.
  • When you are scheduled as a lector or Eucharistic minister -please come to the sacristy and check your name so Fr. knows that all places are covered.