Ministries (A-Z) With Leaders

Ministry Leaders

We welcome you to contact the following Ministry Leaders – or contact the Parish Office (phone:  330-534-1928 or via email:

Click on the ministry name to view the webpage.

Adult Choir Joe Spurio 330-534-1928
Altar & Rosary Society Peg Heim 330-534-4215
Bible Study Joyce Tringhese 330-534-3336
Celebrate Teri Ray 330-534-1928
Children’s Choir Joe Spurio 330-534-1928
Children’s Liturgy of the Word Marcia Sauline 330-534-1928
Chime Ministry Karen Bartos 330-534-1928
Coffee and Donuts 330-534-1928
Community Vacation Bible School Karen Bartos  330-534-1928
Craft Club Leslie Kerr & Kim Jankins 330-534-1928
Eucharistic Devotions (Adoration) Deacon Bob Friedman  330-534-1928
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist Deacon Bob Friedman 330-534-1928
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist to the Home-bound 330-534-1928
Family Faith Day Karen Bartos 330-534-1928
Greeters 330-534-1928
HCIA Hubbard Christians in Action Deacon John Bartos 330-534-1928
Lectors Deacon Bob Friedman 330-534-1928
Prayer Chain Debbie Maughan 330-534-9005
PSR Deacon John and Karen Bartos 330-534-1928
Religious Education Karen Bartos 330-534-1928
RCIA for Adults Deacon Bob Friedman 330-534-1928
St. Pat’s Sewing and Craft Guild JoAnn Lukach 330-534-2070
St. Patrick Festival 330-534-1928
St. Patrick Food Pantry Kathy Marshall 330-534-1928
St. Patrick Men’s Group Hank Cigolle,  Tom Libeg, Larry Pennington 330-534-1928
Senior Citizens JoAnn Lukach 330-534-2070
Servers Annmarie Pesa
Sharing Tree Carolyn Frost 330-720-2789
SHINE Lisa Love 330-534-1928
Soup Supper Deacon Bob Friedman 330-534-1928
Sponsor Couples for the Engaged Deacon John & Karen Bartos 330-534-1928
Stewardship Committee Deacon John Bartos 330-534-1928
Stories and Scripture
Sunday Morning Cafe’ Deacon John & Karen Bartos 330-534-1928
Teen Ministry  Karen Bartos 330-534-1928
Ushers David Cook 330-534-2558
Vacation Bible School Karen Bartos 330-534-1928
Vocation Cross Deacon Michael Medvec 330-534-1928
Welcome/CRHP Weekends Deacon Bob Friedman 330-534-1928
Worship/Environment Deacon Michael & Donna Medvec 330-717-1538