PSR (Parish School of Religion)

PSR, held on Sundays at 9:4 5 – 10:45 a.m. from September to May, provides an opportunity for children of grades K-8 to receive a religious education.  Our staff is composed of volunteers from the parish community and seeks to assist the children on their faith journey.

For more information on this ministry please contact:

Deacon John and Karen Bartos – (330) 534-1928

Weekly Gospel At Home Handouts (click to view/download)



Any parents with children in grades K-8 that were not enrolled in CCD last year will need to call the parish office (Deacon John or Karen Bartos) to inform us so that we can mail you the information.  All children are required to have two years of faith formation before celebrating sacraments.

Also, any teens, parents or adults who wish to serve in our PSR ministry, please contact Karen Bartos. We have many ways to serve: teachers, aides, parent advisory board, musicians, and artists. In honor of our 150th anniversary celebration, we will be focusing on the traditions of our Catholic faith this year (praying with saints, Rosary, Adoration, Stations of the Cross to name a few). If you have a favorite Catholic tradition to share, please let us know.  Our goal is to invite parishioners to share how these traditions touch our lives and help us pass on the beautiful gift of our Catholic faith.

We will also be adding monthly at-home activities for the entire family on our parish web-site to enhance the learning process. Family Mass Day and children’s choirs will also be incorporated into the schedule. We will be changing our curriculum to Pflaum Gospel Weeklies, which connects lessons to the Sunday Mass. Each lesson will go home to help parents discuss and reinforce the weekly message to better understand how it is relevant to our lives today.

Please continue to pray for our PSR ministry as we seek to make these changes and continue to serve the families at St. Patrick Parish.

Karen Bartos, CRE
St. Patrick Church
225 North Main Street
Hubbard, Ohio 44425

2018-19 Registration Packet Documents

Parish School of Religion Schedule for 2018
2018-19 PSR Registration Form
Fr. Mike’s letter to PSR parents
2018-2019 PSR guidelines
Letter to parents
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