The Meaning of Stewardship

It is difficult to live a life of stewardship unless one has a clear understanding of what the Church means when it talks about stewardship. Misperceptions about the word abound. Some people think that stewardship is all about money. Some think it is all about service. Some think it’s an environmental issue.

Stewardship is a multi-faceted concept that addresses all aspects of our faith and spirituality. The Archdiocese of St. Louis Stewardship Education Council recently produced a resource sheet that strives to define the many facets of good stewardship. The resource sheet reminds us that good stewardship is:


* Dependence on God

* Gratitude

* Giving back                

* Transformative          

* A love response

* Proportionate Giving

* Spending time with God

* Sharing talent

* Giving treasure          

* Trust in God

* Accountability

* Thankfulness

* Discipleship

Yours in Christ,
Deacon John
Director of Stewardship