Young families and young adults lead our parish down the road to a vibrant future.



I always make it a point to stand in the back of our church well before Mass begins to greet the people when they come into the church. I absolutely love to say hello and of course, get my one hundred hugs and smiles. I also love the good conversations the greeters and myself share. Last Sunday one of our greeters commented about the tremendous number of young families as well as the young adults who attend Mass faithfully every Sunday. I observe the moms leading their children into Mass as dads run through the parking lot after parking the car to be seated before the beginning of Mass.

Many years ago, Bishop Murry commented about our parish being a “vibrant parish.” His comment holds true today. I would like to thank all our young families, and the young adults whose commitment to Jesus Christ and his Church leads our parish down the road to a vibrant future. You inspire us and give all of us “a future full of hope.”

Deacon John