What is the domestic church?

The term “domestic church” refers to the family, the smallest body of gathered believers in Christ. Though recovered only recently, the term dates all the way back to the first century AD. The Greek word, ecclesiola, referred to “little church.” Our early church Fathers understood that the home was the fertile ground for discipleship, sanctification and holiness.

The first exposure our children will have to Jesus Christ is in our homes. The greatest gift we could ever give to our children is our example of discipleship-praying before meals, teaching them to make the Sign of the Cross, and attending Mass.

The leaves will begin to change colors and soon Fall will be upon us. Our department of religious education is already in the process of making this year’s School of Religious Education exciting and meaningful to our children. A very important part of nurturing your domestic church at home is to enroll your child in our School of Religious Education, Kindergarten-grade 8. Contact Karen Bartos or Deacon John to register your child. Your child’s relationship with Jesus Christ will last for all eternity.

God bless you,

Deacon John