We serve God through serving others who cross our path

I am Maryann Wellman and I have been asked to share on stewardship at St. Patrick’s Church. I’ve been a member of St Patrick’s church since 1989. I have four children, eleven grandchildren and eight great grandchildren who have touched my life in so many ways. I am so richly blessed. But I do not like to brag because my strength, peace, freedom, joy comes from being of service to God, Jesus and the Spirit.

At the time I was searching for a God of my understanding. I was in recovery, recently ended a marriage and living in Masury, OH. I knew Fr Tim who became my spiritual advocate at a time in my life when things were upside down. (I am not good on dates so please excuse me.) I was somewhat active in the parish but was not totally committed. In 1992 through to 2001 I moved and married again and was living up in Cambridge Springs, PA. I never broke my ties with St Pat’s and Fr Tim during that time. In 1999 and 2000 I did renewal with my daughter at St Christine’s. It changed my life and I knew things were not physically, mentally, and spiritually good in my marriage at the time. In 2001 I moved back to Hubbard Ohio and another divorce was in the works which happened in 2004. I had been in the depth of hell on earth. I knew my Higher Power would guide me if I just would let him lead me to a new life and new freedom. I am active in the parish (divorce recovery, bible study, Eucharistic minister, lector, greeter, festival, but most of all I went on renewal at St Patrick’s Parish in 2006 and 2007. I finally became a part of a family of God at St Pat’s. I am so richly blessed and I thank all the St Patrick’s women & men who touch my life every day. They showed me how to be a good steward for God and others. Stewardship for me is that I have a new employer (GOD, Jesus & Spirit). He sends me into this world to serve & share love, peace, freedom, and strength. The Parish of St Patrick’s, Fr Tim, Fr Mike, Deacon Bob, Deacon John, Deacon Mike, and all the women and men of the parish who have shared their journey which has helped me continue to share mine with all who I encounter on my pathway through life.
I was also a caregiver and in a spiritual relationship which ended January 1, 2018 due to health reasons. This was the most difficult time but we walked through it, me with my God together.

My son and I still live in Niles, OH, but I have never changed parishes because I love my family at St Patrick’s in Hubbard, OH.
In closing I will share a little message as I walk this spiritual journey of life with you all. As we listen to one
another’s anxieties and problems, we understand that it’s not what’s happening to us….it is how we cope with it,
survive it, and don’t give up and destroy ourselves ….dashed career hopes, unrequited love, crippling disease, poverty,
approaching death. Together we face it, equipped only with the vast, previously undiscovered resources of a Spiritual Power within us.
We walk this journey together Happy, Joyous and Free as we serve God through serving others who cross our path.
Love & Gratitude,
Maryann Wellman