We Are An Easter People


No matter what life brings us, remember that we are an Easter people. The joy of Easter is celebrated not only during the liturgical season we call Easter.  It is celebrated every day of the year. The Mass is the Paschal Mystery, and every time it is celebrated, we participate in the Sacrifice, Death, and Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. As St. Paul said, we die with Christ and rise with him in the Holy Spirit. We are transformed into new creations and renewed.

For Christian stewards, each day is a new dawn for living in the Light of Christ. There is much about dying and rising with Christ that we don’t know; much about the Paschal Mystery that we don’t understand. But stewards of God’s love are always open to learn more; to being called out of their fears and anxieties and into the light of faith which comes with an ever-deeper understanding of its peace and joy.

Easter is the perfect time to reflect on how we can rise above tensions and troubles and experience the joy of Christ’s peace. It is also a time to ask ourselves how we can experience the gift of Easter each day of our life.

Deacon John