Very special heroes

Over the past year we have recognized many of the heroes of our community. The Hubbard community is so blessed to have a dedicated police and fire department. The first responders of our community are there in a moment to protect and serve us. We thank God for them.

Today in my stewardship column, I would like to recognize some very special heroes in our parish – that being the young moms and dads who make it a priority to bring their children to Mass and keep holy the Lord’s Day.

We see these families coming into church every Sunday as the young children greet Fr. Mike  when entering the church or the moms and dads bringing the diaper bags, snacks and toys that will occupy their toddlers during Mass. I always enjoy the stern look that the dads give the children when they talk a little too loud. I am always moved during the Lord’s Prayer as the families are joined by God’s grace, as they hold hands and pray together. 

One of our greatest responsibilities is to be stewards of our children’s faith. These parents have embraced the calling. We as parents, want the best for all our children. The greatest gift that you will ever give your child is the gift of faith. It is the gift of eternity. I invite all of us to recognize these “heroes” with a smile, handshake, or a thank you. May God continue to bless our parish with the special gift of the wonderful moms and dads who pass forward our beautiful Catholic faith.

God bless, 
Deacon John