“Unselfish giving” which is what Stewardship truly is about. 

         My name is Pat Maiorca and like most others, I’m really not comfortable  talking about myself but Deacon John can be very persuasive, so here goes.

I have been a member of St. Patrick Parish since shortly after my family moved to Hubbard in 1970.  For many years  we were not active members other than attending Mass on Sundays, Christmas and Easter.   Life and work were more important than developing our faith even though our children attended St. Patrick School.

Years passed and  it wasn’t until the late and loveable Joan DeVaney came into my life like a tiny whirlwind and we became close friends.   Joanie  pushed, prodded and nagged me into becoming  more actively involved.  She was my mentor and  became God’s instrument in my life.  With her encouragement and guidance, I became a Eucharistic Minister and Lector.  She was also the greatest influence in  my attending  the Women’s Renewal in 2002.  This Renewal Weekend literally changed my life in so many ways.  That weekend stirred my heart, giving me the desire to want to do much more in and for my church.

In the intervening years, I became actively involved with the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, now the St. Pat’s Food Pantry, began regularly delivering  Meals on Wheels and became an active  member of the Youngstown Bluecoats.  I’m also an annual Festival worker and participate in our Lenten Soup Suppers.   In all of these activities, God has filled my heart with a great love for people and their needs.  I have made many amazing, and yes, fun-filled and lasting friendships which, I’m sure, will endure the rest of my life.   I also learned “unselfish giving” which is what Stewardship truly is about.  St. Patrick’s isn’t just my church.  It’s my  extended family!