Unpack Your Heart

On March 6-7-8, 2020, St. Pat’s hosted its 12th annual Celebrate Weekend for our high school juniors and seniors. Celebrate Weekend is truly a living example of stewardship – coming together to share our gifts and give witness to the mighty acts of Christ in our lives. The weekend was led by our Celebrate Pope- A. J. Trobek and our senior team: Brianna Love, Chloe Record, Madi Barton, Hayley Agnone, Amanda Trinckes, Daniella and Giavanna Hosack, Nick Matisi, Hannah Johns, Ally Phibbs, Rylie Campbell, Cassie Herberger, Sogol Nasseri, Rocco Bornes, Josh Wilcox, Paige Elkes, Laney McCallister, Bailey Lopuchovsky and Joey Kempe. Our parish community is truly grateful to all of you for the dedication and commitment you have given to this ministry throughout the entire year. It is your shining example that helps our teens recognize the presence and power of how Christ shines in our lives through His love, compassion and forgiveness.
We had 36 Juniors attending, a team of 12 adult advisers led by Teri Ray (Celebrate Coordinator) and a team of 4 young adults (past Celebrators) who helped to lead and facilitate the weekend and a team of night time chaperones. We also had a kitchen team of parents and volunteers led by Joyce Tringhese who came early and worked to feed the entire crew throughout the whole day. Our many thanks to Joyce and her team for feeding us so very well and for all who helped by supplying desserts for the meals.
Our weekend theme was Unpack Your Heart. It truly is a witness to the glory of God when we unpack his goodness from our hearts and share it with others! Great Things Happen!

Blessings to all,

Deacon John Bartos