Time, Talent & Treasure invested in our children makes a huge difference in their lives.

Last Saturday Karen and I had the privilege to attend the wedding of Ryan and Lauren Vonderhaar. Lauren is the daughter of Michael and Barb Baker who are parishioners of our parish. Karen and I have a long relationship with Lauren. She attended our Parish School of Religion, Celebrate and Catholic Heart Workcamp.

Ryan and Lauren were married at St. Peter Catholic Church in Columbus, Ohio. The wedding was attended by many of Ryan and Lauren’s friends. Karen and I could not help noticing how all of these young adults genuflected before they got into their pews and how they knelt in prayer for quite a long while before they sat down. Two of Lauren’s bridesmaids sang the responsorial psalm with beauty and reverence. The prayer of the faithful was focused on praying for vocations to the priesthood, the poor and the faithful departed. But most inspiring was the bride’s procession into the church as we stood and sang “The Servant Song.” Ryan and Lauren, through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony became servants to each other, Mother Church and God.

Karen and I could not help but to reflect on our life’s journey with Lauren from the time she was a little girl to her wedding day. We felt such a sense of joy to have witnessed what a strong Catholic woman she has become.

So many of our parishioners give of their time, talent, and treasures to young children of our parish. I want you to rest assured that it makes a huge difference in their lives. All we must do is just look around us and see the good fruits of our laborers, as we see so many young men and women of our parish who are strong Catholics. We are so proud of you all!

God bless you,
Deacon John Bartos