The Role of a Deacon

The word “deacon” is derived from the Greek word diakonos which is a standard ancient Greek word meaning servant. The first deacon was Saint Stephen. The duties of the first deacons were to serve the widows and the orphans in their Christian community. The deacons of today’s church, like their predecessors, are called to be servants to the people of God.

I have been blessed to have witnessed the example of service to Christ and Mother Church in my many years at our parish. I have known wonderful priests, deacons, sisters, and hundreds of men and women I am blessed to call my brothers and sisters. You have helped me become a better person and deacon.

We are a vibrant parish. I truly believe that a large part of our success is due to our willingness to embrace the spirituality of stewardship. For some this understanding of stewardship may seem overcomplicated.  But for the people of St. Patrick’s Parish, you have simplified stewardship to the true essence of its meaning. Be the best servant you can be, love God and love your neighbor.

Thank you for inspiring me.


Deacon John