The gift of giving is unbelievably ever changing.

          Hello, my name is Mathew Bornes, but I go by Rocco. I am currently a Senior at Hubbard High School and I am also a part of the Senior Celebrate team. My family is very religious so growing up, I have always received prayers, attended church, and have received my communion and confirmation. My grandmother, Anna Maria Barletta, is very big on giving back to others. She has shown me how to give God to others and let him take care of everything.

Stewardship is an act of taking care of something or someone in a meaningful way.

Not everyone is as fortunate as others and that was deeply shown to me through a dinner. Every year, St. Patrick’s Church holds a Thanksgiving dinner to serve those who don’t have family this time a year, or to those who can’t afford it and this year I participated in this kindly act. To see the happiness and joy run across these people’s faces is something that I will never forget. Being able to make others happy in a way that may make their day or week was something that I am glad I was able to be a part of. This event made me realize that acts of kindness to those that are less fortunate should happen more often. The gift of giving is unbelievably ever changing and I hope that during this season, everyone is able to give something.