Stewardship of Social Media

For many years we have been told about the importance of living our lives with the spirituality of stewardship. We have been taught that giving our time back to God is in response to the breath of life He has given to us. We have been taught to give our talents back to God in service to our brothers and sisters, building up the Body of Christ. We have been taught to share all the treasures that God has given us with the poor and those in the margins. We are also called to be stewards of the environment, to always show respect to the wonderful earth God has created for us.

We live in an era of unbelievable advanced technology. What took hours of research in the past can now be found with the touch of the search button. We can communicate with thousands of people through twitter or snapchat. I believe that this new technology invites all Christians to a new call of stewardship…that being a “steward of social media.”

Social media is a two-edge sword. It can make our life much easier and less complicated or it can make our life much more difficult or confusing. As Catholic Christians we should always be in search of information that betters our lives and enhances our relationship with God. When using any of these mediums of communication, (Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) we should always do our best to communicate things that are true and that builds community.

The power of technology and communication is a gift from God if used in the proper way. It can also destroy our life or another person’s life or reputation if misused. May we always use this great gift that God has given us with a well formed conscience and with the spirit of stewardship.

God bless,
Deacon John Bartos, Jr.