Stewardship Makes Me Feel Fulfilled and Happy.

Hello! My name is Thomas Pesa. I am a sophomore at Ursuline High School as well as an altar server and a lector here at St. Patrick’s Parish. When my family moved to the area in 2017, I was approached by Deacon John, and he asked me if I wanted to start serving Mass. It was something I had interest in, but had never done before. I went through the training and he gave me a rundown of what I would need to do at different parts during the Mass. Almost immediately, I felt closer to God. He called me to serve Him, and I could feel Him working in my daily life. I felt fulfilled and happy. It also made me glad that I was contributing to the wellbeing of my parish. The same goes for when I am a lector. As I read the scripture, I feel like I am preaching God’s word to the congregation so they can go out and feel God’s blessings in their life. Stewardship, serving the Lord, and taking care of my parish are three things I will always be thankful for, and I am glad that I said “Yes” to God when He called me to serve Him.

God bless,
Thomas Pesa