Stewardship is the way a person displays love and compassion to others.

Stewardship is the way a person displays love and compassion to others. We use our gifts from God to be inspirational, encouraging and helpful to our fellow brothers and sisters. Hello, my name is Giovanni Mileto. I’m a Junior at Hubbard High School. I’m an active member in my parish of St. Patrick’s Church here in Hubbard. I volunteer at the Fish Fries during Lent, the Community Thanksgiving dinners and the Festival. I’m also involved with Teen Ministry and volunteer my time, talent, and treasure, when needed in the community and in the parish. The last few years I’ve been attending Catholic Heartwork Camp with some teens and young adults from our parish and I have loved it. I have met new friends, used teamwork skills at my group’s different sites to help the poor, disabled, and unfortunate people around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Mishawaka, Indiana. When I was helping these people in other communities, I really felt joy knowing that I was making someone’s day and being God’s servant. Faith to me, means to express yourself as the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus Christ and to be a servant to others. We all face difficult times at some point in our life that may be challenging spiritually, mentally or physically. But, we must not forget, that God and the Holy Spirit have our back to help us jump through the hoops and dodge the darts of temptation that are thrown at us in our lives. So, having faith means the world to me through school and tests that may challenge my faith through everyday life. “For nothing will be impossible with God.” —Luke 1:37.

May God bless you and your family,

Giovanni Mileto