Stewardship is an extension of our thanksgiving.

              Stewardship, to us, is realizing that everything is a gift from God, who we are, what we will be, what we have, taking care of all those gifts, making them better, and sharing those gifts. It is said that a gift is not a true gift unless that gift is given away, this goes for our time, talent, and treasure, all things come from God and ultimately go back to God, so consciously giving back to God what we have been given is what we are called to do as Christians. Being good stewards is what we must do to be thankful for what we have been entrusted with.
We are very blessed, inspired and challenged to be part of such a great community here at St. Patrick Hubbard. We constantly see others doing what we are called to do as Christians, it inspires us to do more. We all need to continue to lead each other by example in our stewardship and sharing our faith. It is a gift to be invited into ministry, to share what we have, and knowing that what we have can be of benefit to others, it gives us focus, structure and direction in a crazy and turbid world.
We are refreshed, privileged and honored to be able to participate in the many ways that we are entrusted to do so in our Parish Life.
The Eucharist literally means thanksgiving; stewardship is an extension of our thanksgiving, of what is the source and summit of our faith, the Eucharist. Stewardship allows us to more fully engage in the Body of Christ and to be Christ    to others as a sign of our thanksgiving back to God.
Soli Deo Gloria,
Syl and Colleen Frazzini