Stewardship Brings Us Closer to God

          What does stewardship mean to me? Stewardship means that I live through God’s graces every day in everything I do. He blesses me with the ability to do three sports at once, through that, I know he is looking out for me, and it is my job that I continue to serve him as he intended me to. After moving to a new church and seeing how much my grandma’s faith increased, I believe in watching her stewardship grow, God pulled me in the direction to follow in her footsteps. Joining many church functions and events such as becoming a lector, youth group, festivals, fish fries, and rib dinners I have felt that my faith along with my stewardship has increased. Along with that, joining my school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes club has allowed me to worship alongside my fellow classmates as we discuss the importance of living through God’s graces every day. Stewardship to me is what we the people of the church can do in our everyday lives that bring us closer to God and to follow down the right path he has laid out for us.

God Bless,

Courtney Clark