Stewardship and Forgiveness


When we think of stewardship our thoughts gravitate to the areas of time, talent, and treasure but, have you ever thought of the stewardship responsibility we have when it comes to forgiveness?

Our heavenly Father invites us to experience forgiveness. What a blessing this is! What peace, joy, and sweet relief we receive as we accept His gracious offer of reconciliation. There is no doubt God offers His forgiveness to be a blessing to us. But is it only for us or does He give it, like all other gifts, not only to bless us, but also for us to bless others through forgiveness to them? I believe forgiveness is given to be given.

In my lifetime, I have heard too many sad stories of unforgiveness and the bitterness that results from it. Families have been torn apart. Relationships have been tarnished. Parishes have been divided because of lack of forgiveness. In the Lord’s Prayer, we pray these words, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” We are stewards of all the gifts God has given us, which includes his unconditional love and forgiveness. May we continue to pass this love and forgiveness forward in all our relationships.

Peace and love,
Deacon John