St. Patrick Spirit

Last Sunday we held our annual Harvest Fest at Countryside Farm. The National Weather Service did not give us much hope for even bearable weather. But, once again, God’s grace prevailed and the storms that were predicted all day turned into a light sprinkle. The picnic and hayride were a lot of fun and a huge success. The children enjoyed games, huge bags of candy and the hayride. I believe that the adults who attended had just as much fun.

Thank you to Fr. Mike for planning this great event and all the good people who brought so many side dishes and desserts. They were enough to cover six banquet tables. The food was excellent but the time we shared together was the greatest gift of all.

Over the past several years we have experienced some difficult times, but we have never lost hope or our St. Patrick spirit. I thank God that my calling from Him is to serve the people of our wonderful parish. May we continue to give our time, talent and treasure with a joyful heart.

God bless,
Deacon John