St. Patrick Parish Seniors; what an example of the stewardship spirituality we have!

          Over the past years I have recognized many different ministries, groups, and individuals for their example of the spirituality of stewardship which serves as an example to all of us. As I was greeting people coming into church last week my eyes were opened to the reality of the men and women who have been loyal members of our parish for 40, 50, 60, and even 70+ years. What an example of the stewardship spirituality we have! To all these parishioners, “Thank you!

Thank you for freely giving your time, talent, and treasure for decades. Thank you for being an example of faith to all of us. Thank you for your loyalty to our parish. Thank you for the love and support you extend to the young families of our parish. Because of your experience, we thank you for being the cornerstone of our Christian community.

I would like to encourage everyone to take a minute to get to know and to thank the seniors of our parish. They are remarkable people. We love and appreciate you!!

Deacon John Bartos