Spirituality of Stewardship

As I was reflecting upon this week’s stewardship column, I could not help thinking of how the spirituality of stewardship has paid such great dividends to our parish. We have had so many of our parishioners say “Yes” to the call of the Holy Spirit to serve Mother Church in so many ways, but this was only the beginning. Stewardship is not only something written about in a book or spoken about on a video. It is alive and it has returned to us blessings a hundredfold.

It is amazing how so many new ministries have begun over the last year in our parish and how Jesus has returned to us compound interest from our investment in a stewardship way of life. The Parish School of Religion has initiated three beautiful ministries: The SHINE Ministry, the Craft Club, and soon to come a support group for the military (active or retired) and all first responders. The Muscle Club has done beautiful work around our parish grounds with a spirit of joy! The festival was a huge success with many new faces helping because of the mentorship of the ones who worked there for years.

Thank you to all the great stewards who nurture the beautiful gift of the Church that Jesus has given to us. If you have a call to start any new ministry in our parish, please follow that call.

Deacon John