Some things never change!!

Last week a parishioner brought in some religious articles that her mother had collected over many years. One of the things she brought in was a very old Bible. I love to look through old Bibles and admire the pictures, family trees, and the dates of when they received their sacraments. As I was going through its pages, I found this letter in a bulletin dated 1/30/77 from Rev. Francis J. Hughes (Pastor 1970-1988) to the congregation. It was titled, “News from Fr. Hughes”. “The results from our Stewardship Program look very good. Our thanks to all who have indicated their response. We must remember that real success lies in a continuing effort on the part of all concerned. We wish to thank everyone who has helped in any way to make our program the success that it is. Our program chairman, our group leader, the faithful workers, those who made phone calls, the ladies who assisted with the office details, the sisters who took care of the refreshments at the meetings, and especially all who prayed for success. Almighty God is answering our prayers. Our program has all the ingredients for a financial success. This is important to the future of St. Patrick’s. Equally important is the fact that the program is bringing about a new awareness, a genuine interest and concern, and a faith experience to many of our people. Thanks again to one and all.”

Some things never change!! Thank you to all our parishioners who continue to hold dearly to their hearts the spirituality of stewardship.
Thank you, Deacon John