Small Acts of Stewardship can Mushroom.

Dear Friends,
Soon the changing colors of green leaves will remind us that a new season lies before us.  In itself, each red, orange,  or yellow leaf might not be so noticeable.  However,  when all those small  leaves come together to color a mountain side of trees, the scene can be breath-taking. This same line of thought can serve as an example of how  small acts of stewardship can mushroom into something that is very noticeable to another person. Taking time to help a neighbor bag their leaves or to call and ask if they need something from the store might seem like a small act of stewardship, but to the person you are helping,  it can be monumental.

What about using your talent to tighten the screws of a hair that grandma or grandpa uses?  That  5 minute job just enabled an hour of worry to disappear!

And what about your treasure? You might not have money to spare, but sharing the treasure of your smile or a morning  “hello” can lift someone’s spirit for the day.

In how many small ways can each of us speak stewardship to others this week?  Let’s become more aware of the majestic mountains we can build through our actions for others–one five minute job at a time. Live as a stewardship person every day.

Sister Bernadine