Passing on the Gift of Faith

When our sons, Johnny and Michael, were growing up, they both participated in all kinds of sports, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, etc. Karen and I were blessed to be able to buy them the best spikes, gloves, bats, and any other accessories they needed to be well equipped for their sports. Karen and I always made a point for them to be thankful for such great equipment. As each year came and passed, our sons kept growing to the point that their equipment no longer fit them. We always encouraged them to pass their equipment forward so that the gift they received would be a gift to someone less fortunate.
We all have been given a gift – the gift of our beautiful faith. For most of us, that gift was passed forward to us by someone else, maybe a parent, a grandparent, or a friend. It is our calling and our responsibility as Catholics to pass that gift of faith forward. We have so many opportunities to do this in our everyday lives, in our families, in our circle of friends, and most especially right here at St. Patrick Parish. This year we have several opportunities to pass that gift of faith forward as a catechist or an aide. I pray that you will consider passing the gift of faith forward to our children of our Parish School of Religion. Please call Karen Bartos (330)534-1928 for more information.
Deacon John