New Year’s Resolutions

January is traditionally the time for New Years resolutions. It is a time for New Beginnings. It is an ideal time for us to take stock, reassess and recommit to a life lived for and in Jesus Christ.

Stewardship of Prayer: Nothing is more important than cultivating a closer, deeper relationship with God. Make a new commitment to a time each day to listen to God’s voice.

Stewardship of Family: How often in our busy lives does time with our family get put on the back burner? Resolve to find a special time with your family. Make sure family meals are celebrated often. Plan a special family outing and “go to Mass together.”

Stewardship of Parish Family: Offer your service to the liturgy or a ministry of our parish in the New Year. Enrich our parish and your parish experience by becoming involved.

Stewardship of the Poor: Resolve to give support and aid to the poor in some specific way this year. Bring them into your prayer life.

None of us knows what the New Year will bring and for some of us that leaves us hanging on the ends of our seats. But, there is something that I can promise you, 100%! God will walk beside each of us every step of the way.

God bless,
Deacon John