…my wonderful parents, John and Jen Trobek, have shown me how important stewardship is in my everyday life.

Hello everybody, my name is A.J. Trobek. I am currently a junior at Hubbard High School and I attended Celebrate last weekend. I have always lived in a religious household and have been raised by my wonderful parents, John and Jen Trobek. They have shown me how important stewardship is, in my everyday life. My family attends Mass weekly and we live our lives through Christ. I have always been told how important the practice of stewardship is, and I display my ability to lead and worship everyday. My sister is going to be making Confirmation this month and she asked me to be her sponsor. This is a great honor and I am excited to help guide my sister to live her life through God.

I have always enjoyed spending my time at the church. From a young age I have been in the kitchen helping my father cook for numerous spaghetti dinners, breakfasts, renewals, and other events. I have helped serve at our annual Lenten Fish Fries for years as well. I enjoy giving back to people, and I help train some of the young soccer players in the area during the summer. I am also an assistant coach for a recreational youth soccer team in Girard.

In the past year, I have had a spell of injuries and illnesses that have left me in the hospital and out of extra-curricular activities. This has not been an easy year for me, as I have lost all central vision in my right eye due to one of these injuries. This was easily the most difficult period of my life thus far, but through Christ I have been able to come back even stronger.