May–The Month of Mary

         May is typically the month we give honor to our Blessed Virgin Mary as Mother of God, Mother of the Church. The idea of a month dedicated to Mary dates back to baroque times with thirty days of spiritual exercises honoring Mary. During this era of the Church history, Mary’s Month and May were combined to make May the Month of Mary with special devotions throughout the month including praying the Rosary, creating a special Mary altar and May Crowning. Many of these devotions that we do at church can and should be our customs and traditions in our own homes – the domestic church to help us fully participate in the life of the Church.

Mary’s “yes” was the par excellence of stewardship. She not only gave birth to Jesus, but also gave birth to our hope. When we respond to God’s calling in our life, we put our trust in God, that His comfort and care will guide us on our journey. Our “yes” is a way to share His generosity and compassion and lead others to encounter Christ.

Below, I have listed a website from our diocese that provides many resources for all ages. Please visit this site and feel free to share these resources with all your families and friends.

You will find how to explore “Mary in Art & Music”; how to make a mini Mary garden at home with your children; a website from Dayton University called  “All About Mary” with access to art, films, symbols and music; how to plant a Mary garden in your yard; a Mary quest with activities and printables from Sadlier Publishing; Mary, your Mother from RCL Benzinger; and Marian resources from Loyola Press and many other diocesan resources that are available.

During this month of May, please pray to Mary, Mother of Jesus, our Mother, as we celebrate the peace, love and joy of God.

Pray for us,

Karen Bartos, CRE