May our stewardship continue to be a model of discipleship in thanksgiving to God

Last Sunday was the last day of classes for our Parish School of Religion (PSR) for the school year 2018-2019. We began and ended the school year with Family Mass – where we find the very heart and true meaning of stewardship – living a life of discipleship as thanksgiving to God!

As a disciple we are expected to grow in knowledge. One of the best ways we grow in knowledge is to teach! Many of our catechists participate in continuous education through our diocese to enhance the gifts that God has given them as catechists. Our 6th grade catechist told me how much she has learned about Scripture and how excited she is to share these stories with her students. A good disciple finds joy in serving others. Our 7th graders made cookie care packages for the Rescue Mission and collected food for our Food Pantry. Our 3rd graders made a good deed chain throughout the year and presented it at the offertory on Palm Sunday. A good disciple believes that sharing the faith is an honor. I think about how many of our catechists have 20+ years of service here at St. Pat’s in this ministry. A good disciple rejoices in sharing the most precious resource – the gift of our time. Week after week, our catechists plan lessons and activities, contact parents and reach out to new families as they show up to teach with excited smiles on their faces. They truly model that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

I think about our 2nd and 8th grade catechists who help our students grow in thanksgiving to God through the celebration of the sacraments. I think about all our catechists and how they helped to prepare the children to sing their songs of praise and thanksgiving at Family Masses this year. I think about their participation in our Advent Lessons and Carols and our Lenten Fair.

Thank you to our catechists of PSR for your outstanding example of true stewardship. May our stewardship continue to be a model of discipleship in thanksgiving to God in all that we say and all that we do.

2018-2019 PSR Catechists: Teresa Norris, Cheryl Silvidi, Georgana Norris, Therese Wells, Bonnie Swisher, Becky Prelee, Randi Volk, Rita Swisher, Lisa Love, Kim Jenkins, Lena Dunkerly, Jim Fink, Bob Camuso, Cassie Bowser, Lillian Kish, Diana Buzard, Pat Naughton, Sandy & Mike Kerr, Hannah Senediak, Lori & Adam Garon, Bill Bone, Linda Taylor, Gary Gawdyda, Dom & Heather Mileto,
Sr. Bernadine Janci, Kate Vrankovich
God Bless,
Karen Bartos, C.R.E.