Mary’s Stewardship

Dear Friends,

         Since October is a month dedicated to Our Lady, let us take a few minutes  to consider how Mary lived stewardship–the giving of her time, talent, and  treasure.  Although the word “stewardship” might not have even been part of the Jewish vocabulary, Mary lived stewardship in her everyday life.

 How did Mary give of her time?  When Mary traveled  from Nazareth to Jerusalem, she certainly gave of her time to her cousin Elizabeth who was pregnant with John the Baptist.   Mary could have thought, “I do not have time to spend several months with Elizabeth. Anyway, who is going to help me prepare for my baby?”

Recall the Wedding Feast of Cana.  Mary must have had a talent for anticipating the needs of others.  She  knew how to help others  be joyful.  Mary even got Jesus to share his talent of changing water into wine.

Unselfishly, Mary gave us her greatest treasure, her Son, Jesus.  Think of the Pieta statue depicting  Mary holding the broken body of Jesus. That statue is a sign of how  Mary gave away her greatest treasure for our redemption.

Like Mary, let us live our stewardship every day.

Sister Bernadine Janci, SND