Making Resolutions

The past year has presented many challenges to the people of our parish, but through it all, we have remained faithful and hopeful. The New Year is the perfect time to reflect upon the fundamentals of being good stewards of our life in Christ. Stewardship is a commitment of mind and heart to the Lord. It is a way of life that needs constant renewal and transformation. This time of the year has always been one of looking forward to the new year, reflecting on the changes we need to make in our lives and resolving to follow through on those changes. Perhaps those who seek to make resolutions to be better stewards might find inspiration in one or more in the following areas:

Stewardship of Prayer: Resolve to strengthen relationship with God through prayer.
Stewardship of Family: Resolve to set more time aside for family, especially attending Mass together.
Stewardship of Parish Family: Resolve to serve your parish in a creative way. Is it time to enhance your generosity to the parish?
Stewardship to the Poor: Resolve to live with more compassion and in solidarity with the less fortunate.

May we continue in the coming year to be unselfish givers. It is through our giving that we will find true happiness.
Deacon John