Living a life of stewardship

Hello, my name is Gabriella Hosack. My parents blessed me by baptizing me into the Catholic Church and into the community of St. Patrick Parish. Living a life of stewardship was first instilled in me when I attended St. Patrick School and continued in my high school years. Attending Catholic Heartwork Camp was one of my best experiences as a high school student. Participating in the 30 Hour Famine and dedicating the time needed to touch juniors in high school as being part of the Celebrate Team was another highlight in my high school years that helped me make a positive difference and bring me to where I am today. I am currently a junior at Youngstown State University holding multiple leadership positions where I can give back and lead by the example taught to me at St. Patrick Parish. I have been blessed with many gifts and the ability to share my gifts with others. It is very gratifying to see the youth present at our parish giving of their time and talents and becoming involved as I was in my high school years. My twin sisters, Giavanna and Daniella, are stewards who are leading by my example and living the Word by their participation at our parish. I am presently the liaison for the American Red Cross Blood Drives at YSU, serve as a trustee for the Honors College, and currently hold the position of Vice President of Risk Management for my sorority. Helping others through volunteer work has been a passion of mine learned from St. Patrick Parish and continued into my college years. Being a leader has given me the opportunity to work as the hands for others and I truly see the face of God in so many different individuals. I am able to take what was instilled by my parents and reiterated at my parish and help others in a greater way, a more adult way. Something as small as participating at the 30 Hour Famine, partaking in the Crop Walk as a steward of St. Patrick Parish, or serving dinners at the fish fry, has enabled me to share God’s love and continue as a disciple to help me grow spiritually. In Luke 24:13-35, two disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus and they were blinded in several ways. First, they were blinded by hurt and despair and with listening and not understanding. They were also blinded by their inability to apply their faith. I was blinded once, literally, but I am not blinded any more. Jesus was always walking beside me and I truly grew to rely on faith. Living a life of stewardship has taught me to give of myself and to be gracious and faithful.