“Let The Children Come To Me”

This first step to help our children understand stewardship is to reinforce these basic understandings of what stewardship is.

  1. Help children see that God has given them many blessings. Challenge children to make a list of all           God’s gifts to them. There is no wrong answer!         Everything is a gift from God. Regularly compliment      children on their special gifts – simple things like         nice handwriting, pretty smile, nice outfit, etc.  Remind them that this special gift is a blessing from God and offer an idea how they can share it.
  2. Teach children to be grateful to God for the blessings He has given to them. Make it a practice to ask children on a daily basis to name something they are thankful for. Help them to see that God has given them blessings to share. Discuss the poor and the needy. Talk about how God has trusted us to use our gifts to help those who have less.
  3. Show children how stewardship has built our church. Discuss the 150th Anniversary of our parish and its history. Participate in the many events scheduled to celebrate this anniversary. Let the children know they are a part of this history.
  4. Help children recognize the joy that comes from stewardship. Have children discuss how they feel when they help someone else. Share your own feelings about helping and giving.


But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”  Matthew 19:14

God Bless you,  Deacon John Bartos