“Let no one seek his own good but that of his neighbor.”

Stewardship to me means not holding onto the gifts God has given me, but sharing them with others. Giving my time and talents to my parish family, my school, and my community has helped me appreciate how simple acts of kindness can impact so many people in a positive way. I have volunteered at numerous church festivals, Thanksgiving dinners, and fish fries. I am part of the Celebrate team and have been actively involved with St. Patrick church in other ways as well. Within school, I tutor students in math and Spanish, assist with the elementary school weekend food program, and am part of a new mentoring program to help make freshman feel welcomed as they enter high school. The more I give of myself through service to others, the more inspired I am to do even more. This is what Christ calls us to do, to be His hands and feet to all. 1Corinthians 10:24 sums it up well, “Let no one seek his own good but that of his neighbor.”

May God continue to bless our parish family,

Brianna Love