Introducing our little one into the life of the church.

When deciding to begin a family with my husband, it was never a question as to whether there would be a baptism prepared for our children. It was finally our turn to introduce our own little one into the life of the church. We took a lot of pride in the preparation of our daughter’s baptism. We feel that the most important part of baptism is to have her accepted into the Catholic community and as one of God’s own creations.

It was a priority for her to receive her first sacrament. While preparing we took time to learn what each part of the Sacrament of Baptism represented. The anointing of the holy oil was one of our most meaningful parts to our family. We often think of baptism as just the water christening that signifies the cleansing of original sin. The oil is what brings the whole baptism together by uniting the Holy Spirit and this innocent little human together. This part of the Baptismal Rite, as well as her being presented as a newly baptized member of our Christian community, really brought tears to our eyes. We consider our daughter a blessing every day, and we plan to continue to guide her in her Catholic faith. She will have a strong relationship with God and be comfortable in the church.

Thank you!

Tyler and Emily Duez