“I never knew how much I needed these ministries, but God sure did!”

Hello! My name is Kacie Mosora and I’ve been a member here at St. Patrick’s church my entire life. This Parish is home to me and always will be; I couldn’t imagine my spiritual journey spent anywhere else but here. 


From a very young age I can remember my Sundays being spent here at CCD. Once the classes had ended, my mom would always be there waiting for us to take us over to what was then 11:30 mass. Little did I know those Sundays were building my foundation in my spiritual growth all while guiding me to finding my love for the Lord. 


My whole life I’ve always had the desire to help others. So, when I was asked to serve on Parish Council and to be an adult advisor for our Celebrate and Shine Ministries, I knew this was a calling from God that I could not pass up. You see, my passion in life has always been to guide, lead, and serve others. When I was asked to be a part of these ministries, I was thrilled to have a chance to step in to make a difference, particularly in the lives of the young children and teens I work with at Celebrate and Shine. However, what I was not expecting is how these ministries would guide and help me through all my highs and lows of life and change me in ways I could never imagine. It truly has been a blessing in disguise and has helped grow my faith beyond measures. I never knew on a personal level how much I needed these ministries, but God sure did!


Blessings, Kacie