“I don’t know.”

Over the past several months, one of the most frequent answers that I have received as I asked a question in a casual conversation was, “I don’t know.”  Here are a few examples, “When do you think you will get back to work?”… “I don’t know.” “Is your daughter’s wedding day still the same?”… “I don’t know.”  “Do you think the Indians will play this season?”… “I don’t know.” When do you think things will get back to normal?”… “I don’t know.” The I don’t knows have placed anxiety, stress and even fear in the hearts of so many people.

I believe in the midst of all the “I don’t knows”, we can find peace and stability in the one thing we know absolutely 100% for sure. We know that God’s love for us is unconditional. We know that God’s bountiful mercy is beyond our comprehension. We know that all things are possible with God and we know that God offers eternal life to each of us.

May we continue to thank God for all the gifts that he has given to us and respond to these gifts by giving our time, talent and treasure back to Him.

God bless,
Deacon John