I admire my fellow parishioners for showing me what a loving community is.

Hello, everyone! My name is Giavanna Hosack. I am a senior at Hubbard High School as well as a member of the senior celebrate team. I am grateful to be raised by such amazing parents that have allowed God to have an impact in my life. They have truly showed me the importance of stewardship and how to lead a life with kindness and gratitude. My sisters and I have learned to live life in Christ’s footsteps through their guidance. I admire my fellow parishioners for showing me what a loving community is.

God has always had a leading role in my life. In 2017, I had the privilege of going to Catholic Heart Work Camp to join other kids from different parishes in order to make a difference in other people’s lives. This particular camp was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and my group was assigned to a poverty-stricken woman who sought assistance repairing items around her house as well as her yard. At this moment in my journey of faith, I realized how fortunate I truly am in life. This elderly woman was thankful for all of the assistance, but most of all, she was appreciative of the company. I realized that the love and joy we displayed touched her more than the work we had completed. Through the kindness that we had shown, we had renewed her faith. It was in this moment that I realized that the world around us yearns for the kindness of others.

I have always been an active member in my community and church. Whether it’s spending time with the church youth group or assisting at the community food pantries, giving of my time and talents always leaves a positive impact on someone’s life and brings joy to mine.  During mass, I taught children more about the scripture during Children’s Liturgy of the Word.  Participating at Vacation Bible School was always something that gave me gratification. Stocking and separating food at various food pantries and participating in the delivery was touching as well.  Participating in my community and with church activities has taught me to be a difference maker.  By living a life of stewardship, my perspective on life has changed.