How You Can Help Plant Seeds of Faith

On June 10th– 16th six of our parish high school students and four adult leaders will be off to Catholic Heart Workcamp in Philadelphia, PA.  The mission of this trip is to share the love of Jesus Christ as we serve the neglected, broken-hearted and the marginalized in any way needed. This mission is to inspire all of us to live a life as disciples of Christ through serving others as a way of life and to foster the Catholic faith of each participant through the sacraments, prayer and involvement in social service. I would like to share just one testimony from a young 15 year old girl named Kelsey who attended camp last year, “God was amazing this week. I didn’t think I have seen God appear so many times in my life, ever! He was anywhere and everywhere and he really, really opened my eyes!”

Our transportation to and from Philadelphia is the responsibility of the participants. We are in need of two vans at a cost of $1,100.  Our Catholic Heart Workcamp team is prayerfully requesting your help.  If you feel called to help us with the cost of our transportation, please contact Karen or Deacon John Bartos at (330)534-1928.  You can also make a monetary contribution and put it in an envelope Marked CHWC Transportation (Attention Karen Bartos) and place it in the offering basket.  Your generosity and support is sure appreciated.

May God’s grace continue to pour upon you,

Deacon John