How Stewardship Has Impacted My Life

Stewardship in my life means taking care of the people closest to me and reaching out to others to care for them as well. Caring for the people close to me is a big part of my life. My family is my rock and caring for them means stopping over my grandparent’s house to say hello, making that extra phone call to catch up with my sister or even asking my parents about their day.

Stewardship within my community entails volunteering at the Community Kitchen, school events, and promoting kindness. My goal has been to impact children’s lives in a positive way. The difference I have made in the community started with visiting Hubbard Elementary School classrooms and reading anti-bullying books. I would have the kids participate in a discussion about anti-bullying and do a related hands-on project with them.

Stewardship in my parish has been assistant teaching kids on Sundays, volunteering at the church festival, fish fries, and even altar serving when I was younger. Being a steward doesn’t always have to be a big act, it can be as small as smiling at a stranger passing by, living life with love, care and respect for others in this world.

Lillian Kish