Healing Love

Stewardship is the giving of one’s time, that precious commodity that God has blessed us with and using it wisely in His service. Talent is that unique special ability that God has given us to serve each other. Our treasure is the third gift that God has entrusted to us to use wisely and share with others.  Whether our treasure is great or small, it is a gift.  Stewardship is about recognizing that all we have and all that we are is a gift from God. We would be helpless without God. The Gospel tells us that we are to share all these gifts with the people of God.

What is the catalyst that ignites our beautiful response to our call to stewardship? It is “LOVE” like the beautiful song the Beatles sang so many years ago, “All you need is love.”

On Tuesday, June 5th, Karen and I witnessed the Mystical Body of Christ joined together to extend his healing love to us. It was not only amazing and overwhelming to us, but also to our family. The spirit of love touched all of us as we felt the peace and comfort that only comes from above.

Thank you to our parish family for your participation in the serenade, the Mass, the reception and all the wonderful cards and Mass intentions that we received in memory of our mother, Gloria.

God bless you,
Karen and Deacon John Bartos