“Happiness Begins When the Giving Starts”

When Jesus encouraged us to help our neighbors, He meant anyone who suffers; be that of loneliness, sickness or poverty. As stewardship reminds us, our material goods are just the beginning of real Christian giving. We are called to give of ourselves, of our time, and to others in need. Almsgiving opportunities are all around us. For example, we can donate to our St. Patrick Food Pantry & Emergency Outreach, donate our gently used clothing and household items, give our treasures to a charitable organization, and visit or write a note to our shut-ins and those in nursing homes. Our Catholic and social teachings set the direction of our moral compass. We are to show love and respect to those in the margins of society. We heard for 25 years, “that happiness begins when the giving starts”. How true that is!

God bless,
Deacon John