God will lead the way if you are really listening.

Hello, my name is Leslie Kerr and I have been a member of St. Patrick’s Church for a little over three years. I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic School from Kindergarten through ninth grade. From the first day I came to Mass here I felt different. Fr. Mike called me by my first name, and I couldn’t believe he remembered me when I had only spoken to him a couple of times. I volunteered for the festival for the first time in 2019 and I was listening to the band when Deacon John and I started to talk, he has been the true meaning of friend ever since. Since then, I have met so many wonderful people and I have never felt so welcome as I have felt here at St. Pat’s.

I am going on my third year as a Catechist and looking forward to many more years. I was very apprehensive my first year. It was a hard year, in the middle of the pandemic, but we made it through even though we had to wear masks every Sunday. I felt that I never got to know the children without seeing their faces. By the second year I had a little experience. It was a great year! The children were so eager to listen and to learn. Every time I saw a hand raise, I was happy to hear a student ask a question. Now I knew that they were really listening to me! The word Stewardship suddenly had a new meaning to me. Stewardship truly is a way of life and sharing that life with everyone. Through Stewardship you are using your God given talents even when you don’t know that you have these talents. God will lead the way and if you are really listening, He always guides you. The results are beyond gratifying!

At the end of every class, I would ask the children to share with their families what they learned that day. The word of God! Spread the word!

God Bless you all,
Leslie Kerr